Mar 13

4 more things to tell Brandon as he’s about to turn 7

The very first entry I wrote was for my son Brandon.  (A message to my 5 year old son Brandon).  As he’s rounding the corner to 7, I think it’s time to drop some more knowledge. Continue reading →

Mar 13

3 things you need to tell young leaders

Running teams is a great way to develop your leadership skills.  Each person I’ve lead always had something to teach me about how to lead.  More importantly, each person I’ve lead always found a way of exposing one of my weaknesses I didn’t know I had.

A business leader’s job is to convert the work of others into a desired tangible result.  Any other description is corporate bullshit and window dressing.  No job title will ever tell you if a guy is a strong leader.  In fact, the more a dude covets a sweet sounding title, the less likely I trust him as a leader.  You want to find a good leader?  Find one that can effectively lead a group of unpaid volunteers.  You want to find a good leader?  Find a guy in your back office who quietly goes about his business and helps others without reward or fanfare.  A job title doesn’t denote a leader.  You can be the VP of Awesome and can’t lead a ball downhill.  A leader is someone others want to follow by choice.  He’s the kind of guy, that upon leaving, will have a few followers, following him for possibly less money to different pastures.  A leader isn’t identified in a moment.  Often loud, charismatic folks are thought of as leaders.  Sometimes.  But not always.  Leadership is picked up by others through conduct and sincerity.  Is this guy a quote-spewing dinosaur or is he someone who actually cares about my personal success?

Here are three things you need to tell the new leaders you hire or promote. Continue reading →

Feb 13

3 reasons why people think they can’t sell

Somebody said this to me a few days ago…

“I can’t sell.  I don’t have the talent.”

Every single thing or service you enjoy or depend on, was sold by somebody. Products and services do not spontaneously materialize at your door. Every stretch of the supply chain for every product, virtual or not, needs to be sold by somebody. Even if you’re buying fake cows on Farmville, somebody sold that to you. It just seemed like free-will.

And what’s awesome is that anybody can have a prosperous selling career if they can get over themselves.

Here are 3 things I hear when somebody tells me ‘They can’t sell.’


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Feb 13

3 things I consider before I return the head-hunter’s call

I’ve been extraordinarily fortunate in my career.  From my first job, and we’re talking about stuff people don’t put on resumes,  to becoming a trader rep with the bank to becoming the marketing guy at LG to customers that seemed to flow my way when I had my own company to my current engagement with Citrix, I’ve never once had to look for work.  I’ve just always been extraordinarily fortunate to be at the right place, at the right time and spoke with the right people who simply asked “Do you want to work with us?”

I’m not particularly intelligent nor do I hold any advanced degrees in any marketable subjects.  I’m not tall, dark and handsome nor do I have the prosperity paunch of a seasoned salaryman.  I don’t know a ton of influential people and I don’t have decades of experience in anything.  By all accounts, I am extraordinarily average.  But I am able to do one thing well… Continue reading →

Feb 13

3 reasons why accomplished people are accomplished

I was watching my 6-year old play a game on the Ipad the other day.  It was the one where a cartoon knight had to dodge an onslaught of obstacles on a side-scrolling platform.  He was awful his first time through.  He was awful his third time through.  Then he shrugged and flipped over to the Apps Store to download a new game at which he promptly began to suck at as well.  He gave the new game one or two attempts and deleted the game, only to download yet another one.

So I tapped him on the shoulder..

“Hey Brandon!  You’re always going to suck if you give up the moment the game gets hard.”

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Dec 12

The worst type of manager and 3 ways to avoid being a seagull

What does a seagull do?

It swoops in.  It squawks.  It craps on everything.  It flies away.

Does your manager do this?  Do you do this as a manager? Continue reading →

Dec 12

How to make sense of everything

My last article, 3 Ways to be Ridiculously Happy, garnered me a bunch of emails and a couple of new subscribers.  Thank you.

Of particular interest was how I managed to keep the box that held the _____s I had to give, empty for so long. Continue reading →

Nov 12

A conversation you must have with your kids

I have been resisting asking my six-year boy what he wants to be when he grows up because I don’t want him to know yet.  But at some point, I’m going to have to ask and here’s what I’m going to ask him:

“What kind of business do you want to own when you grow up?”

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Nov 12

3 ways to be ridiculously happy

I live an epic life.

I receive as much as I give.  I generally fear nothing.  And I’m healthy.

Unlike other stories of dudes hitting rock bottom and bouncing back to become Tony Robbins, I’ve been fortunate and have been pretty much ridiculously happy my entire adult life.  So how do you get to be super happy all time?

First, stop worrying about what people might think and always speak your mind.  Second, do the three things I do everyday.

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Nov 12

Why I write

I write because I want to hold myself to the stuff I say.  After all, if I call out thieves for stealing oranges, I’m not about to go steal an orange.  To injure me is to call me a hypocrite.  I’d make a bad politician but I make a damn straight business partner.

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