Special: A note to my team

As I’m ending my term this Friday, I’d like to leave a brief note for my team.

Put your blinders on.

The great thing about sales is that you are responsible for your own success and if you don’t allow it, the negativity of others will not impact your own performance.  Negativity disappears the moment there isn’t an audience. So don’t be that audience.

All a complainer needs is one dude to agree and he'll think he has the whole world behind him.  Don't be that one dude.

All a whiner needs is one dude to agree and he’ll think he has the whole world behind him.  Don’t be that one dude.  Don’t get left behind.

Of all the traits sales people claim to possess and proudly list on their LinkedIn summaries, the most important ones are never listed.  They are:

  • Ability to block out noise and negativity
  • Emotionally reliable and without drama
  • Ability to own their time and space
  • Process-driven grinder

I’ve had the great fortune to meet and recruit a few of you who embody the above and it’s been a real pleasure to serve you.  I hope when you become leaders, you’ll find folks similar to yourselves.  Raw charisma and the ability to talk really loud are not indicators of sales success.  Emotional maturity and process-driven reliability is.  Good all the time is far better than great once-in-a-while.

For those of you who want to be leaders, remember that the sole reason for wanting to lead is to serve.  If you want to lead, put your blinders on and do the job in front of you really well so you can show others how to do it well. The only reason you should want to lead is because you want to make people around you better.

Put your blinders on and work for your own reasons, not just for a paycheck. You can get a paycheck anywhere.  Work because you want to perfect a specific skill-set that you can package and up-sell, either upwards where you are or elsewhere if you can’t wait.  Always see your work as paid education. The toughest parts of your job are the parts that are waiting for you to create a solution for…and sell.

And lastly, if you have a good idea, fight for it.  Ideas are nothing without somebody to make it happen.  Ideas are nothing if you don’t give them life. How much should you fight for something?  How badly do you want it to happen?  Just throwing it out there without the effort to see it through is what most people do.  Put your blinders on and throw yourself behind your ideas.  Ignore the naysayers who have no ideas of their own.  Most people have great ideas but talk themselves out of it.  But having worked with you, I know you’re not ‘most people’.  Allowing yourself to be vulnerable is the greatest exercise in personal growth.  Allowing yourself to try and fail is the only way to know that it’s actually not that bad to fail.

Folks, it’s been a real privilege for me.  Put your blinders on and crush Q2.

The next time we work together will be as partners and peers.