Apr 13

4 questions from a reader – Advice for Young Professionals

When folks start coming to you for ‘advice for young professionals‘, it’s time to concede that 37 is in fact ancient and it’s time to give up on your dreams of becoming a break-dance contestant on America’s Got Talent.

Here’s a recent chat I had with Jacqueline Cavalheiro (Student Awards) of Humber College in Toronto. Continue reading →

Apr 13

9 more things I learned by living to 38

First of all, I’m surprised I made it this far without getting pummeled at least once. Anybody who knew me growing up would probably say I beat the odds on that one.  I guess if you make yourself useful to enough people, you create your own guardian angels.

Last year, I wrote 9 things I learned by living to 37.  It received great reviews in that nobody told me to take a hike.  I also received quite a few emails from you about what your realizations were when you hit that completely random milestone.  My favourite was from some dude living in the Philippines:

“I realized that I didn’t like my dog very much because it occurred to me he had a better life than I did.” Continue reading →

Apr 13

3 things I look for when I hire

At some point, I’ll be moving on to a new customer which means setting up a new team that I’ll eventually leave behind or refreshing the one they currently have.  Being able to create and ultimately unplug from self-reliant teams is what makes my career enjoyable and keeps my phone ringing.  This also means that I’ll be hiring soon – a process I love for the simple matter that I will meet new people.

If two people have the same skill-set, here’s how I select the next guy or lady. Continue reading →