Mar 13

4 more things to tell Brandon as he’s about to turn 7

The very first entry I wrote was for my son Brandon.  (A message to my 5 year old son Brandon).  As he’s rounding the corner to 7, I think it’s time to drop some more knowledge. Continue reading →

Mar 13

3 things you need to tell young leaders

Running teams is a great way to develop your leadership skills.  Each person I’ve lead always had something to teach me about how to lead.  More importantly, each person I’ve lead always found a way of exposing one of my weaknesses I didn’t know I had.

A business leader’s job is to convert the work of others into a desired tangible result.  Any other description is corporate bullshit and window dressing.  No job title will ever tell you if a guy is a strong leader.  In fact, the more a dude covets a sweet sounding title, the less likely I trust him as a leader.  You want to find a good leader?  Find one that can effectively lead a group of unpaid volunteers.  You want to find a good leader?  Find a guy in your back office who quietly goes about his business and helps others without reward or fanfare.  A job title doesn’t denote a leader.  You can be the VP of Awesome and can’t lead a ball downhill.  A leader is someone others want to follow by choice.  He’s the kind of guy, that upon leaving, will have a few followers, following him for possibly less money to different pastures.  A leader isn’t identified in a moment.  Often loud, charismatic folks are thought of as leaders.  Sometimes.  But not always.  Leadership is picked up by others through conduct and sincerity.  Is this guy a quote-spewing dinosaur or is he someone who actually cares about my personal success?

Here are three things you need to tell the new leaders you hire or promote. Continue reading →