Nov 12

A conversation you must have with your kids

I have been resisting asking my six-year boy what he wants to be when he grows up because I don’t want him to know yet.  But at some point, I’m going to have to ask and here’s what I’m going to ask him:

“What kind of business do you want to own when you grow up?”

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Nov 12

3 ways to be ridiculously happy

I live an epic life.

I receive as much as I give.  I generally fear nothing.  And I’m healthy.

Unlike other stories of dudes hitting rock bottom and bouncing back to become Tony Robbins, I’ve been fortunate and have been pretty much ridiculously happy my entire adult life.  So how do you get to be super happy all time?

First, stop worrying about what people might think and always speak your mind.  Second, do the three things I do everyday.

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Nov 12

Why I write

I write because I want to hold myself to the stuff I say.  After all, if I call out thieves for stealing oranges, I’m not about to go steal an orange.  To injure me is to call me a hypocrite.  I’d make a bad politician but I make a damn straight business partner.

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Nov 12

The greatest atrocities in history are carried out by the obedient

I teach my son to question everything; that not one person, institution or philosophy has a monopoly on knowledge or morality. That there are no silver bullet solutions to any of life’s questions and anybody whose philosophy starts with an answer rather than with a question is not to be entirely trusted.

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