Oct 12

3 real benefits of experience

Many of you who have been following me know my thoughts about the myth of ‘experience’.  When somebody tells me they’ve spent 20 years doing something, the only thing that interests me is where they are right now and if they are happy.  Any one of us can become obsolete in a moment and most people don’t give a damn about your war stories.  (By the way, if you have to start a pep talk with ‘Back when I was ….’, you’ve lost the room.  Nobody gives a ____.  Today, ‘back-in-the-day’ means a year ago.)

So for old guys like me (37), what is the value of living longer beyond getting a year closer to those sweet, sweet line-dance club memberships for seniors?

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Oct 12

3 things you need to teach a new sales guy right now. Part 3/3 – What’s your Run-Rate?

Why do some sales guys excel while others hop from job-to-job, BS’ing their way through job interviews about how good they once were?

Why do some sales guys always seem to be on an upward trajectory no matter where they are in their career while many others roll from decade to decade, getting managed and schooled by sales leaders that seem to get younger and younger?

Good sales guys know where they are weak while weak sales guys have convinced themselves that they have no weaknesses.

Good sales guys have a process, track everything and know their run-rate.

Weak sales guy have no process, track nothing and just chirp about the deal that’s never coming in.

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