Aug 12

3 things you need to teach a new sales guy right now. Part 2/3 – Losers Lead with Price

Let’s cut to the chase.

The decision to transact is always the customer’s.  You can be a masterful presenter and an able solutions consultant.  But the dude who signs the check controls the pace no matter what your sales managers tell you.  A skilled sales professional can shorten the time and obtain a higher dollar deal.  But the final control is always with the buyer.  With the internet, there is absolutely nothing a sales guy can hide from a diligent customer.  This is a good thing because it creates smarter buyers.  And smarter buyers force weak sales people out of the workforce. Continue reading →

Aug 12

3 things you need to teach a new sales guy right now. Part 1/3 – Everybody is just some guy

Everybody can be a great sales person if they wanted to be.  A lot of folks say they’d hate to have a sales career but a lot of folks have simply never tried.  We’re all born with the talent to persuade and some folks seem to be more at ease with it.  But having a great sales career is much less about the art of persuasion and much more about the grind of preparation. Everything starts with what a new sales guy is taught when he enters the profession, right from how he thinks about the customer.

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