May 12

6 reasons you shouldn’t quit your day job

When I reflect on my time as an entrepreneur and all the things I did wrong (not building a scalable business), as well as all the things I did right (elevating my ability to detect bullshit), I realize that leaving corporate life was the best thing I ever did.

If you’re a dude in the back-office of a large company with dreams of opening up your own shop,  here are 6 attitude checks you better pass before you cash out your pension to try.

I’m all for trying but those who do well DON’T have the following attitude deficiencies. Continue reading →

May 12

9 things I learned by living to 37

I’ve just turned 37. I’m not gonna lie or even pretend to be modest; I’ve had an enormous amount of fun getting here. I’ve had more success than many. And I’ve attracted help every step along the way. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t define success as a job title or the rolls of fifties some people use to stuff the seats in their Ascaris. I define success as the ability to come and go as I please.

At 37, the only two things I value are the people in my life and all the choices I’ve made (bad ones too). But if I had to add a third, it’d be the handful of everyday lessons I picked up along the way. Continue reading →

May 12

Random Night in China – 1

“Macro!  Do you know how much you worth to me?”  Rogerson took a long drag of his cigarette while he waited for me to answer.  He was furious.

“Ummm.  A lot?”  I offered.

“You worth nothing to me!  Zero!  Dog Sh_t!”  He spat out his cigarette.  “But if they kidnap you, you cost me money.  This is bad for my business!  People say I bad luck!  Do you understand Macro?!”


 “Stupid.  This is not Canada.  This is China.  They hate you the most.  You act like white guy but you Chinese.  Macro!  If they take you, I don’t pay!  Stupid ‘maple leaf hick’ (direct translation).”

Let’s roll back several hours… Continue reading →

May 12

A Players vs. B Players

Running a sales team is a delicate balancing act.

On one hand, you have a job to do and you need to make sure your team knows that they have a job to do as well.  On the other hand, you have to keep the players loose and relaxed so they don’t play scared.

So when does a sales team start to suck?

When I allow it to.  When I allow B-Players to remain. Continue reading →

May 12

When to dump a guy

When I ran my own company and spent my own money, a non-producer didn’t last long.  If a guy can’t sell, he was not only a drain on resources but he was also wasting whatever opportunities were assigned to him.  Guys who thought they could outsmart established selling systems not only tend to fail in the long-run, they ruined the territory for whoever has to come in and mop up the mess.  They look for short-cuts and try to work the system instead of simply buckling down and grinding out the calls that need to be made.

When you run your own show, every sales lead is the potential difference between survival and profitability.  A poor sales rep is an anchor and is cut the moment their bullshit starts to outweigh whatever value they bring in.

So why is it in larger companies, a non-producer can linger for months and years before you can get rid of him?  How long do you allow a guy to under-perform before the opportunity costs becomes obvious?

Here are 3 red flags that have guided me when dealing with sales guys who believed their own bullshit. Continue reading →

May 12

Why so serious?

The most successful people I know are also the ones who take themselves the least seriously.  Don’t get me wrong.  They take their work seriously.  They’re just cool with their own success.  Like anybody who’s figured it out, they know you come with nothing and you leave with nothing and the worms don’t give a ____ what brand of suit you’re buried in.

In other words, they’re not poseurs who require the affirmation of others to walk with a swagger. Continue reading →