Mar 12

You are paid exactly what you are worth

Because if you could command more, you would demand it.  And if the buyer/employer believed you, you’d get it.

Having been both an entrepreneur and a corporate guy, I find the notion of somebody being underpaid a laughable gripe.

“Those clowns are completely underpaying me!  I could get twice as much somewhere else!” is a common lament among many.

My response to them is “Start up your own shop to sell the same service and see what people are willing to pay.  Then you’ll know exactly what you’re really worth.”

(Hint…actually a lot more but so few are willing to take the chance that those who do make out like rock stars.)

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Mar 12

3 reasons why people hate sales people

As a sales guy, you know when you lose the prospect.

It’s when a lively conversation between the buyer and you suddenly gets weird.

It’s when the buyer clearly needs one thing and you try to sell him something else because that something else pays you more.  It’s when the buyer clearly knows you’re full of sh_t and you continue to plow on.

Been there.  Been that.

Fortunately, most of us grow out of it by the second week of our sales careers.  Sadly some never do and never realize how obvious they are.

Here are 3 reasons why people might hate buying from you.

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