Feb 12

Why you should not invest in start-ups


I said it in a previous blog.  And I will say it again.

Never, ever be pressured into investing in a private start-up.  This is not a game for regular investors.  Venture capitalists and investment banks lose billions and they have really smart people vetting the deals out.  The vast majority of start-ups, probably in excess of 90% do not return a cent for their investors.  There are just too many moving pieces that need to be perfectly aligned for a start-up to get to sustainability to get to saleability.  Yes, there are diamonds in the rough but just like actual diamonds in the rough, the chances of you hitting one is in the realm of lottery odds. Continue reading →

Feb 12

An idle mind is the devil’s playground

A single word that accurately describes my work style is Pressing.

I’m always pressing because my mind always needs to be focused on something productive.  If it isn’t, doubt, insecurity and just pointless B.S. creeps in.  I suspect many of you have the same problem.  Continue reading →

Feb 12

The number 2 reason why sales people fail

If you’re the kind of sales guy who always wants to make one more call, just in case the next one is the sale, you will never, ever fail.  For you, hearing “No” is as good as cash in the bank.  Hearing “No” is just something you have to hear before you get to the “Yes”.

Easy right?


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