Top 3 resolutions for 2012 that you should have no problem keeping

Thanks to you, this little soapbox had over 15,000 views in a month and a half of existence.  I have no idea how that compares to real websites but I’ve been told it’s pretty good for site that doesn’t feature pictures of cars, video games or women or a combination of all three.  Thanks for your emails, especially the ones that tell me to bite it.  Criticism is definitely more helpful than praise.

Nonetheless, holidays are upon us and I’m going to pause for a few days to recharge.

Here are 3 things you should have no problem improving in the new year.

1.  Eat better and exercise.  It doesn’t matter what level of success you achieve or want to achieve if you’re grossly out-of-shape or dealing with chronic issues due to the junk you stuff down your gullet.  Health is absolutely everything.  Remember this the next time you plan on tossing back a quad-cheese burger: A healthy man has many wishes.  A sick man only has one.  As a presenter, I know that it’s what people see in the first instance that will either make them receptive of my message or skeptical of my message.  Being gross and out of shape will ruin you in business life, personal life and probably your love life as well.  You already know this.  I’m just saying it.  Eat less.  Move more.

Step away from the burger...

2.  Read more.  My productivity went through the roof when we cancelled cable this year.  Read more.  Write more.  TV is passive.  Reading is active.  You actually burn more calories reading.  You become a better communicator when you read more.  You have more ideas and more ways of connecting ideas.  TV is meant to make you lazy.  It’s programmed and designed to keep you sessile for as long as possible to watch more advertising.  Pick up a book, read on the internet, buy a Kindle, whatever.  Learn more or prepared to have your ass kicked by the guy who does.

Pretty much...

3.  Find a mentor.  As brilliant as you are, you don’t know a fraction of what you don’t know.  Figure out what skill set is going to best improve your prospects in 2012 and find someone who can help you along. Or better, open yourself up and be a mentor to a young grad.  What you teach, you re-learn.

Just not the man who lives in the van down by the river

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah everybody.

See you in the new year!