Why you must write down your ideas now

Because that’s the best way to make your thoughts into real things.  Every single thing around you, from the computer you’re using right now, to the chair you’re sitting on, began as somebody’s thought.  Somebody’s idea.  From an idea in someone’s head, to (let’s be honest here) a factory somewhere in South Asia, to you using it right now.  Idea to reality.  Because someone wrote it down.

How many ideas did you let die because you didn’t believe them enough to write them down?

I make a living presenting.  For me writing is the best way to organize thought.  These entries aren’t essays or meant for print; they’re just the brain droppings of a regular dude.  Zombie Strunk would probably buck in his casket if he saw what I did to his beloved English.  Thoughts first, style second.  Write as you, and not as a lawyer trying to impress his clients (unless of course you happen to be a lawyer, in which case, please inform your king that the rest of us are on to you using cryptic legalese on all documents solely for the purpose of keeping all lawyers mutually employed.)

Pictured: Displeased with my nescient vernacular

When you write something down, you’re instantly a time traveler.  One of my entries was shared over 200 times and read by about 700 in one day.  If even one of those people bookmarked it, and reread it a couple of months later to remind herself that she absolutely has all the tools she needs to pursue whatever destiny she desires, my words have literally jumped forward in time.  And I’m not a very interesting person or particularly erudite (2 dollar word for my lawyer friends).  I am almost certain, that whatever ideas you have, whatever thoughts you have, far more deserve to be written down than mine.

So why don’t you do it?  For the hundreds of ‘what if‘ conversations you’ve had with yourself while commuting to work and school, surely half deserve to be explored.  If only to see it on paper so you can kill it properly because, yeah, it might have been a really stupid idea.

You know what’s the most important thing about writing down your ideas?  It’s not that you have a target to aim for or that you have a constant reminder.  The most important thing about writing down your ideas, is the moment you write them down, all your excuses that you have for not starting suddenly dies.  If you’re just daydreaming about an idea, you can rationalize forever about why you haven’t started.  But the second you write it down, those excuse are gone.  If it’s in writing, the idea is real.  If it’s good and it dies, it’s because you let it die.  It was always your choice to give it life.

Most people won’t do it even after reading this.  They might feel a momentary urge, but that spark will be as fleeting as all the other great ideas that have died in their minds without ever receiving a single breath of life.  Most people will have objections, ranging from ‘This is lame.  I’ve got some Jersey Shore to watch’ to ‘I dig it.  I just don’t have the time’.

Well sh_t soldier, I only have one question for you,

“How badly do you want your idea to live?”


The idea you have in your head this instant is likely a good one.  Give it a chance.  Right it down…now